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Saint Patrick's High School, Keady, Co Armagh

Year 8 Retreat

27th Nov 2017

We here in St. Patrick’s are committed to enriching the life of everyone that passes through our school by living out the gospel values and seeing Jesus in each other. Our year 8 pupils were given the opportunity of a retreat experience. The had time outside the classroom to think and reflect. The ‘Sioltra’ team came to the school to deliver the retreat. The theme chosen for the day was ‘Friendship’. The focus was to help them to develop and sustain friendships and to reflect on their progress so far in school as they journey to become the young people God created them to be. The pupils enjoyed the experience as you can see from their comments below.

‘Where there is faith, there is love; where there is love, there is peace; where there is peace, there is God; Where there is God, there is bliss’ – Sri Sathya


It was good and I learned about other people

I enjoyed playing fruit bowl

The retreat was fun. I enjoyed the meditation, it was relaxing. It was a lot of fun working in teams and playing games

I enjoyed the retreat and they had some great team building exercises

I thought the retreat was very good and I would like to do it again

I had fun, met new people and learned more about God

The retreat was very calm and very relaxing

Best craic ever

I liked all the games

It was a nice day

I enjoyed spending time with my friends relaxing listening to the story and being able to write and colour

I thought the retreat was good. I liked all the fun activities

It was alright but I did not like sitting still for the long time

My experience at the retreat made me feel like I have lots of friends

It was fun with the games but overall I did not really enjoy it

I thought it was a nice interesting day

I really like the prayer with the candle in the middle with all of us around it

The retreat was good and educational

I liked the retreat and Bosco and Rachel were very helpful

I had a very good experience at the retreat, I thought it was very good and I enjoyed all the activities

I liked the retreat and would like more retreats in the future

I made new friends and had fun

My experience was some of it was fun and some of it was boring

I didn’t really like it

It was good fun and good craic – it made me think of other people

It was ok it would be better in the morning not during HE

Doing the bonding activities made a bond with others from other classes

It was not really that good and not much fun

I made lots of new friends and had lots of fun

Good thing was we got out of class and were with our friends we got to do fun stuff

It was alright it could have been more fun

The retreat was really good I had good fun it was 100/100

I liked the retreat, but it was not that necessary

It was fun and a good laugh

Making the towers was really fun

I liked making the tower out on newspaper and learning to work together

It got everybody up and doing something different

It was good because we worked on our team building The people doing the retreat with us were very nice and we got to do fun games

I liked working with others and playing the games

We got to experience different ways to follow our faith but at some instances it got a little boring

I learned how to be a good friend to God

The good thing was we got to be with our friends – the bad thing was our tower didn’t stand