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St.Patrick's High School Keady

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St Patrick's Mission Statement

As a Catholic School in partnership with parents and the community, the school seeks to provide children of all abilities with a secure, caring, stimulating and happy environment where high values of work, personal integrity and learning can be achieved and where all pupils are encouraged to develop their talents and character and to contribute postively to home, school, church and society.

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St Patrick's High School Keady


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School Prospectus

29th Jan 2018

Upcoming Events

Monday, 28th May 2018
Bank Holiday
Tuesday, 29th May 2018
Mechanics Unit 1 (9:15am)
1.00pm: AS Irish Unit 3 (writing)
Wednesday, 30th May 2018
Child Development Unit 1 (9:15am)
Moving Image Arts Paper 1 (9:15am)
AS Biology Unit 2 (1pm)
Geography Unit 2 (F & H) (1pm)
Year 11 GCSE Art Controlled Assessment (painting task) Periods 4-7
Thursday, 31st May 2018
AS Geography Unit 3 (9:15am)
English Language Unit 1 (H) (9:15am)
Friday, 1st June 2018
Child Development Unit 2 (9:15am)
A2 Software System Development Unit 1 (1pm)
AS Chemistry Unit 3 (theory) (1pm)
Religious Studies Unit 8 (1pm)
Communion Service at 8.25am in the Oratory

Parental/Guardian Pastoral Survey