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Saint Patrick's High School, Keady, Co Armagh

Head Boy & Head Girl - Introduction

As Head Girl and Head Boy, I Niamh Carvill and Patrick Nugent have the responsibility of overseeing the efforts of the various strategic teams our deputies and prefects coordinate alongside the junior leadership team i.e. the wellbeing, ethos and culture, environmental, ABS lead learners, careers and community links teams which are all fundamental factors within our school development plan. As senior leaders we aspire to be ambassadors and role models for the students in our school community, and a voice for the student body. This academic year, we will work alongside our peers in the student leadership teams, and the staff and students in the school to allow for a positive school experience and environment for all pupils in which they can excel and perform at their highest potential.   


Student Leadership Members and Roles




Ethos Strategic Group

The Ethos Team is all about promoting and strengthening the Catholic, Lasallian ethos of our school. We do this through charitable work and promotion of Christian values in our everyday school life. We also want to promote a strong culture of respect for our many identities in St Patrick's and want to organise events that show this. 


CAEIG/Careers Strategic Group

Our group is concerned with helping develop the careers provision in our school so that pupils have the best knowledge and advice possible when making decisions about their future. We also look at the curriculum in our school and how it reflects the interests and needs of all the pupils in our school. We hope to gain the investors in careers award this year.


Community Links Strategic Group

This school is at the heart of the local community and this team explores ways to make sure our school remains connected to the life of our local and wider community. We look at how we can link with our partner primary schools to benefit both them and us. We want to explore links with local businesses, charities and community groups to offer our support and gain from their knowledge.


Pupil Well Being Strategic Group

This group aims to promote the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of all the students in our school. We aim to do this through providing support, education and facilities for all the pupils. We want to make sure that all pupils in our school are happy and feel safe coming to our school. We will be working with a number of teachers to make sure that we have safe, happy and resilient pupils.


Lead Learners Strategic Group

This team is concerned with helping shape the learning experience for everyone in our school community from a pupil's point of view. We look at what strategies we can use in our school to help pupils improve their attendance and learning. We work with the teachers in the school to see if there are things we can do together to benefit the learning of all pupils in our school.