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Saint Patrick's High School, Keady, Co Armagh

John the Baptist

23rd Jun 2020

Each year on June 24 the Catholic Church honours the birth of John the Baptist, by reflecting on his unique role as the precursor of Jesus. In learning about John the Baptist’s life, we can be inspired to enjoy a simple life and be grateful for what God has given us. We can remember to always do good deeds out of love and to draw any attention gained from these good deeds to God’s universal message of love. We can be empowered to put God first in all of our decisions even if these decisions are not socially popular. We can use John’s example to help us live the life Jesus calls us to live.

Pray for the intercession of Saint John the Baptist, to imitate his virtues, and to remind all those we meet about Jesus.

Beloved Jesus,

We ask your graces and blessings and for the intercession

of your cousin Saint John the Baptist.

We ask you, Lord Jesus, that with our hearts and bodies we praise and bless you always.

Give us the grace to lead a humble life and above all trust that your heavenly Father never leaves us, knowing that he is always there showing his generous providence.

Beloved Jesus, we ask forgiveness for the many times we have failed to love, sure that our God in his mercy gives us new opportunities.

We beseech you today to fill us again with the strength, power and love of the Holy Spirit so that we may serve you today and at the same time bear witness to your love, like John the Baptist. Amen.

Reflect on ways that you can share the light of Christ each day.