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Saint Patrick's High School, Keady, Co Armagh

Blessings on all that you do

20th May 2020

This week as you are aware is Mental Health Awareness Week. We are in a time when we need to be aware of the stresses that many are suffering and doing what we can to offer a sympathetic ear or, indeed, searching out someone who we can speak to about our own difficulties has never been more important.

Here are some small suggestions that may help as well:- have a read of the notes below on Hope, listen to the clip What is hope attached, listen to the NHS staff recording of Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’ which can be found below; offer a prayer to the Irish Saint Dympna, the patron of the abused and mentally ill whose feast day was last Friday. Read through the notes on Ascension and its message for us at this time.

Please remember to keep one another in prayer.

Blessings on all that you do.

Sr. Marjorie

What is hope

ON CHRISTIAN HOPE “It is important to know that I can always continue to hope, even if in my own life, or the historical period in which I am living, there seems to be nothing left to hope for. Only the certitude of hope that my own life and history in general, despite all failures, are held firm by the indestructible power of God’s Love, and that this gives them their meaning and importance, only this kind of hope can give the courage to act and to persevere.” Pope Benedict XVI

What is the supernatural virtue of hope? The virtue of hope responds to the aspiration to happiness which God has placed in the heart of every person; it takes up the hopes that inspire our activities and purifies them so as to order them to the Kingdom of Heaven. We receive the supernatural gift of hope from God in Baptism. · The supernatural virtue of hope allows the possibility for Christians to trust in God. This grace is a gift of God, infused by Him. · Hope has to do with things that seem difficult or impossible to receive, such as salvation. (See John 11:25-26) · The gift of hope given by God never disappoints (cf. Romans 5:5). · Hope tells us that God, Who promised us eternal salvation, will also give us the graces that we need for the journey to Heaven. He is faithful to His word, so we can put our trust in Him. · Faith assists us to hope in God and His promise that He will always remain with us. Hope sustains us at all times, especially when feelings of discouragement or abandonment seem to overwhelm us. · In addition, hope keeps us from discouragement. · Hope opens up our heart in expectation of future blessings and eternal beatitude. · Buoyed up by hope, we are preserved from turning inward in selfishness and led to the happiness that flows from living charity. Here is the extraordinary performance of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ by men and women from the NHS in honour of the Llandudno’s Venue Cymru, which has been turned into a temporary coronavirus hospital. During this process, the facility has been renamed to Ysbyty Enfys, which is Welsh for Rainbow Hospital, as a symbol for hope. The performance itself starts after the introductions at about 1 minute 45 second. Enjoy!